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restaurants and other businesses are slowly reopening

Count the interesting things about adult realistic sex doll in 2020
Do you really understand real dolls? Count the interesting things about adult love dolls in 2020

Japanese sex doll restaurant
As restrictions begin to be lifted, restaurants and other businesses are slowly reopening. Some restaurants even allow customers to eat indoors. Of course, in order to do this, they must become creative to ensure that customers sit far enough to ensure safety.

Is the Realistic sex doll newsworthy? Of course I think they do! However, it can be understood that the topic of real dolls rarely appears in the headlines. This is why when we see news stories related to love dolls, it will be exciting. So, let's see if there are any news stories where sex dolls have appeared!

Experts say: NASA should send Silicone Love Doll to space, it is "the future of planetary immigrants"

An expert said that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) should send AI real dolls into space because AI real dolls are "the future of planetary immigrants."

It is reported that the next step of NASA's moon landing program is to send a "Moonikin"-a dummy made of materials imitating human bones, soft tissues and adult female organs, to the unmanned "Artemis 1" flight Flight test on the deck.

NASA even asked the public to help choose a name for the dummy for the flight test, carefully selecting one of the eight candidate names to avoid the appearance of the "Boaty McBoatface" polar research ship named by the British Natural Environment Research Council (NERS) in 2016 farce.

Brock added that the use of high-tech products such as AI mini sex dolls on future lunar bases or Martian immigrants will be the perfect first step for mankind to become a multi-planetary species: these synthetic humans are the future builders of planetary immigrants. , If they are built, we can more easily carry out future activities.

In fact, many AI dolls on the market, including real AI dolls made in China, are much more sophisticated and intelligent than NASA's "Moonikin". The work of synthetic dolls in the Artemis project will be more about collecting flight data to make future astronauts’ travel more comfortable

A NASA spokesperson explained: "As part of the unmanned Artemis 1 flight test, NASA is seeking to learn how to best protect astronauts during the first manned mission of Artemis 2." During the flight on Artemis 1, the composite doll will occupy the center of the spacecraft and wear the first-generation spacecraft crew survival suit-astronauts will wear this spacecraft during launch, entry, and other stages of missions. Clothes."

But Japanese Sex Doll expert Brock Dolebange has a better idea to test the female astronaut environment of the Artemis project, and send the TPE Sex doll ​​entity doll of the American entity doll company RealDoll into space "harmoniously". .

He publicly stated: "I think the Silicone Love Doll "Harmony" that can talk to people is the best choice for these projects."

"Audience" in a football league
South Korea’s premier football team FC Seoul has received a record fine. What regulations did they violate? During the epidemic, they carefully prepared a promotional video. The sex doll torso placed models in the auditorium in the stadium to act as spectators to watch the game. It can be seen that each model wears a mask and maintains a prescribed social distance.

Unfortunately, these are not ordinary mannequins. Maybe you also thought of it, right! Those mannequins are actually TPE Sex Doll. It can be considered that this is the magical use of real dolls, but unfortunately, this is not allowed in South Korea, so the team was fined 100 million won, or about 600,000 yuan.
The number of purchases of real dolls is increasing, and the number of sellers of many other love dolls is also increasing. How is this going? Are you lonely? Maybe not! For those who do not have a date or a partner, TPE dolls are indeed a good partner, but that is not their only purpose. Many dolls are purchased by couples, curiosities, and others who want to explore different things about sex. We believe that, coupled with a sense of loneliness and boredom, people are more willing to spend money on one of our magical teen sex doll.