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Redo Dark Age of Camelot I

Submitted by lilyzhao on Mon, 09/28/2015 - 22:42

Produced by famous European game Mythic Entertainment released the medieval world theme style of MMORPG dark age of Camelot can be said to be only one of several established online games. Although the company remains persistent and dedicated to bring players a new game content, but due to the limitations of the game engine, the simple picture of the dark age of Camelot already attracting increasing demand for the picture of the new players.<A href=""title="DAOC Plat">DAOC Plat</A> is really good for fighting in the game.


However, for loyal players of this game, the dark age of Camelot are always the best, appearance can be changed and will not change is the essence of the game. While a loyal player of the game intends to use the Crysis engine (CryEngine 2) to once again create a new dark age of Camelot.You can try to <A href=""title="buy DAOC Plat">buy DAOC Plat</A>