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r the majority of players to open a whole new adventure

Please remember our name, once into the battlefield, we are God of War! ---- Handsome head of the popular novel language starting point, the most successful online annual 'animal blood boiling,' will launch the first piece of information 'to the end of the world', and will be on December 3 the official beta. Currently, the old school runescape has opened more than 200 groups of servers (including the 'Thunder beast of blood'). After the piece of information 'to the end of the world' on the line, the old school runescape play will be expanded nearly doubled. Underground castle gates would open, ten thousand years ago, was deported to the ground of the blood elves, hell Black Dragon are waiting for the moment of revenge, animal blood of millions of players will be challenged survival. A mysterious map underground castle open new war will start in the original, end of the world is a mysterious and complex area, many exiled active during the dark forces, so that the world is full of the beholder. Runescape 3 and 'Animal blood boiling,' the first piece of information will be the end of the world as a stage, for the majority of players to open a whole new adventure. In the 'underground world' information on the film, will add new maps include Ragefire mainland, Flaming Valley, mainland China and other black field for the players one by one to explore. Players will track across different time and space to reach the mysterious mountains of Azeroth, looking to get into the entrance end of the world. Enter the 'end of the world', the player will first arrive boiling lava Ragefire mainland, after passing through Ragefire east, west, south and north of the four maps continent to reach the depths of the world - Flaming Mountain Valley. Later, through the narrow, dark underground stairwell, visit the hinterland end of the world - the black continent region, visit large-scale, momentum is pressing the five underground castle. Players will focus on these five underground castle, staged epic battles destroyed the city to destroy the country,  buy runescape gold and enjoy the experience of sturdy million urban warfare. Second, the level cap to enhance the re-equipment to enhance the pet in addition to others by opening a new map, but in the expansion level cap will once again increase. With the opening level cap, more advanced maps, BOSS, monster, equipment can be released, the player will usher in a new challenge, to embark on a higher level of the old school runescape hall. In addition, operators of the original team also carried out a wide range of old school runescapeplay updates. Among them, the most popular equipment to build, pet synthesis have been advanced so play great wealth. Expansion pack, players will be able to get more sophisticated gem, greatly enhance the ability to own property and equipment; and pets play also new changes, especially super pet skills to join, allowing the player to get the mass destruction helper capabilities. Third, the hero back then award winner gift Rongyuzhizhan piece of information in order to meet the 'end of the world' is turned on, the operations team for the old and new players to prepare multiple gift. New players can receive 188 yuan in addition spree, long enjoy double experience, double the lost treasure of rich rewards, but also can enroll in a rapid leveling contest, exclusive of 100,000 coupons award. The majority of loyal players are still able to get a huge surprise from the old school runescape. Including heroes and heroes return spree reconstruction A, B program and other activities will be staged lively, help you board Runescape 2007 to greater heights. In addition, in the data sheet 'end of the world', the honor will be the first open battle. On the battlefield fighting the enemy warriors, you can get an exclusive honor by honor is able to free trade a lot of new, exclusive props and equipment, filling brave the wind. The new 'end of the world' as well as a large number of mysterious content waiting for you to explore, let us meet on December 3, to witness the opening of the New World. Runescape 3 and 'Animal blood boiling': adjourned to reproduce the classic literary race war 'animal blood boiling,' the official Guild Recruitment Group: group number: 79345932, Runescape and 'animal blood boiling,' group president of telecom group number: 61621904 'Genghis Khan 2' male and female of the original painting for the first time exposure