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Precision Irrigation Market Size, Share, Growth, Companies, Global Forecast 2021-2027

Precision Irrigation is gaining tremendous popularity among farmers due to the increasing need for optimum crop production with limited available resources. Precision Irrigation is one of the innovative techniques that uses water wisely and helps farmers achieve higher crop yield levels in a minimal amount of water. Precision farming can transform the agricultural sector, making the traditional farming activity more efficient and predictable.

Further, extended profitability and crop yield, increasing global food demand, and crop health monitoring for higher yield production are the significant factors fueling the growth of the precision Irrigation market. Also, government ambitions in many countries are helping farmers to use optimized agricultural and technological tools to improve their production levels. According to Renub Research Report, Precision Irrigation Market will grow with a CAGR of 8.51% during 2020-2027.

Precision Irrigation Market will grow to US$ 16.38 Billion by 2027
Based on application, the Precision Irrigation market includes Agricultural Fields, Landscape & Turf Irrigation, Greenhouse, Residential and others. Precision irrigation is defined as applying a specific amount of water at the right time and in appropriate agricultural fields. It is a section of precision agriculture that further includes seeding, variable-rate nutrients and pesticide application.

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Moreover, drip irrigation is essential for controlling soil moisture, especially in the case of specialized greenhouse vegetables. Total automation of drip irrigation systems provides a simple, meticulous method for maintaining soil moisture and applying water. Effective time management, elimination of human errors, estimation, and adjusting available soil moisture levels are factors growing the demand for automatic drip irrigation systems.

Precision Irrigation Market Size was US$ 9.25 Billion in 2020
Precision Irrigation manages temporal and spatial variability of crops like Field Crops, Vegetable corps, Orchard Crops, Vineyards and Other Crops. Precision agriculture was used in handpicked fruit orchards crops includes citrus, almonds, avocados, vineyards, apples, peaches, etc. Besides, the demand for vegetable crops is continuously increasing. Precision irrigation is among the most modern technologies for sustainable vegetable crops; as vegetable crops require ample amounts of water, farmers switch to sprinkler and drip irrigation systems to achieve higher crop productivity. Thus, increasing production of vegetable crops is demanded Precision irrigation.

Regional Insights: Precision is getting popular in Europe & Gulf Economic Council (GCC) Countries
Precision sprinkling systems are gaining immense popularity in Europe, particularly in countries, like the United Kingdom and Germany. The U.K. was the first to appropriate precision irrigation, with France and Germany also rapidly adopting this technology. There is a vast potential for precision irrigation in the GCC, which invests heavily in innovative solutions to boost crop production by overcoming water scarcity.

Aside from Europe and Asia-Pacific, North America is the key region for precision irrigation systems. Countries such as U.S. and Canada, the Americas are the early adopters of precision farming technologies, which is the main reason for the high share of this region in the precision farming market.

Impact of COVID-19 on Precision Irrigation System
The Precision Irrigation market is expected to witness a marginal dip in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The movement restriction and lockdowns have resulted in disruptions in the supply chain and led to a shortage of equipment. However, remote sensing and farm management software tools could lead to higher adoption during the post-COVID-19 period.

Renub Research latest Report "Precision Irrigation Market, Global Forecast, By Type (Drip Irrigation, Sprinkler Irrigation and Others), Application (Agricultural Fields, Landscape and Turf Irrigation, Greenhouse, Residential and others), Crop (Field Crops, Vegetable corps, Orchard Crops, Vineyards and Other Crops), Region (North America, Europe, Asia- Pacific, South America, Rest of World), Company Analysis (Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd, Lindsay Corporation, The Toro Company and Valmont) )" studies the Precision Irrigation Industry.

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Type – Precision Irrigation Market breakup from 3 viewpoints
1.    Drip Irrigation
2.    Sprinkler Irrigation
3.    Others

Application – Precision Irrigation Market breakup from 5 viewpoints
1.    Agricultural Fields
2.    Landscape and Turf Irrigation
3.    Greenhouse
4.    Residential
5.    Others

Crop – Precision Irrigation Market breakup from 5 viewpoints
1.    Field Crops
2.    Vegetable corps
3.    Orchard Crops
4.    Vineyards
5.    Other Crops

Region – Precision Irrigation Market breakup from 5 viewpoints
1.    North America
2.    Europe
3.    Asia Pacific
4.    South America
5.    Rest of World

All key players have been covered from 3 viewpoints
•    Overviews
•    Recent Developments
•    Revenues

Company Analysis
1.    Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd
2.    Lindsay Corporation
3.    The Toro Company
4.    Valmont

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