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PoE3.24 Trinity Flicker Strike Slayer Build

Submitted by TomRiva on Thu, 06/20/2024 - 18:15


Flicker Strike is known for its rapid attack speed, teleporting you instantly to the nearest enemy. This skill has a cooldown of two seconds, which can be circumvented by using Frenzy Charges. While Raiders typically utilize Flicker Strike due to their ascendancy's synergy with Frenzy Charges, the Slayer variant offers distinct advantages, including superior boss handling and enhanced area of effect (AoE) damage.

For flicker strike build, aim for at least 8 Maximum Frenzy Charges, generating them through Blood Rage, skill tree notables, and either Farrul's Fur or its Replica. The core weapon is the unique two-handed sword, Voidforge, which converts Physical Damage into random Elemental Damage (Fire, Cold, or Lightning), making it an excellent candidate for Trinity Support.

Ascendancy and Key Points

As a Slayer, prioritize keystones from your Ascendancy Skill Tree, with the exception of the Life Leech branch. Essential nodes include Masterful Form, Bane of Legends, and Headsman. You can choose between Impact or Overwhelm, or obtain both via Forbidden Flesh and Forbidden Flame unique jewels. The build features approximately 4-5k Maximum Life, permanent Fortify, around 10k Armour and Evasion, and Endurance Charges equivalent to your Frenzy Charges. While the defenses are modest, the build excels in AoE, DPS, and clear speed, making it highly effective against most enemies except those resilient enough to survive a single strike.


Flicker Strike offers a distinct and fast-paced gameplay experience, heavily dependent on monster density for clear speed. For movement, use Leap Slam, and for defense, employ Steelskin or Immortal Call linked with Cast when Damage Taken (CwDT). The recommended curse is Assassin's Mark, linked with Mark on Hit. Besides Blood Rage, maintain passive bonuses from Aspect of the Cat, Hatred, Herald of Purity, and Defiance Banner. Additional mana-reserving skills like Herald of Ice, Purity of Elements, Determination, or Precision can also be useful. During boss fights, deploy Ancestral Totems and activate Vaal Haste for a temporary damage boost.

Leveling Tips

Although Flicker Strike is accessible at level 10, sustaining its Frenzy Charge requirements early on is challenging. Start with other melee attacks such as Cleave, Frost Blades, Sweep, or Ice Crash. For Frost Blades, ensure you pick the Cold Mastery for damage conversion. Transition to Flicker Strike at level 16, which coincides with the availability of Blood Rage, granting a 25% chance to obtain a Frenzy Charge on Kill. At level 24, acquire Poacher's Mark and link it to Mark on Hit at level 38 to receive Frenzy Charges on Kill. Equip Terminus Est at level 51 to gain Frenzy Charges on Critical Hits, ensuring a decent critical strike chance with Precision, Ice Golem, or a Sword Mastery node. Switch to Voidforge at level 68 and Farrul's Fur at level 69. You can also follow the Duelist Leveling Guide with a focus on Melee/Impale for additional guidance. Learn More: