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Pinball Machine Shipping Virginia

Pinball Machine Shipping Virginia: Professional Moving & Storage is the industry leader in arcade and pinball machine transportation. We understand that your high value products require expertise and delicate handling with specialized equipment to ensure that your machines are delivered in superb condition. Our customers rely on us to deliver on time regardless to your shipment's destination. Our mission is your mission….to provide the same care and attention to your product's details that you would. We consider ourselves extensions of your business. We can pick up and deliver to your business or home and we take pride in handling all the details from shipping to delivery. Professonial Moving & Storage has constantly delivered whatever has been required of us. We are known in the industry for our quality, driver professionalism and going the extra mile. After all, high quality collectables such as these require professionals who are experts in handling coin-operated machines. Our objectives are simple safety and obtaining and delivering your products without claim.