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Parts of a Fence

How well do you know the parts of a fence? Sure, some may be no-brainers to guess, but others aren't so easy. We have created this short article to provide a look into the different parts of a fence. We will also review common problems that may occur with each component to give you a better idea of what to look for should any damage occur due to a storm or accident.
The Difference Materials
The difference in materials will matter greatly when talking about the parts of a fence. But, it may not be as different as you think. Wood fences, for the sake of this article, we'll have The following components. Vinyl fences may use different hardware to connect each component, but the construction is relatively the same. The biggest difference in construction will be from a wood fence to a chain link.
Picketts are the part of the fence that runs up and down or the panels that primarily cover each post. Picketts can be made of a variety of materials, including vinyl and wood. If pickets are damaged, they can allow things to enter your home and backyard. They should be made from strong materials that are thicker.
Backer Rails
Becker rails are what give your fence structure and the pickets something to be connected with. These will run perpendicular to the post. They serve as the connector between posts and pickets.
The post is the most structurally sound component of your fence. It is also the part of the fence that is buried. Most posts will be encased in concrete in the ground. This is to give them the sturdiness needed to withstand wind and the elements. Being encased in concrete can also prevent wood rot from occurring.

 For the fence repair company near me, you may question if the gate may need corrections. The gate is the primary component for connecting two sets of fence areas and allows for entering and exiting an area. There are many different types of gates available, but most people choose a similar construction to that of their fence material. Of all the components to your fence, the gate is likely the most expensive. This can cost hundreds of dollars or thousands, depending on the type you need. For example, a security gate is going to cost more money than a chain link gate that swings open and is only 3 ft tall.