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Our this kind of preconceived ideas

Submitted by sellfifa on Sat, 11/07/2015 - 17:42

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is a mediocre sports game Next generation had completed a FIFA 15 again in the evolution of revolutionary, although we are not competitors swim version FIFA 15 Ultimate Team have the same expectations, but from the perspective of the performance of the FIFA 14 mobile (such as free strategy, gesture and other elements), EA Sports really want to establish mobile football game mode as soon as possible.This is a film with FIFA since three years ago to open a new profit model  "the ultimate team" as the core of the game
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Players need to worry about how to lead a group of "brass" level of the public face of the players, obtain plenty of Fifa 15Coins by victory, and buys a higher level of player.As for the game while the execution is not high, but also is to let a person shine at the moment of full touch operation, also replaced by old virtual buttons  at least no longer is the flagship. Simply speaking, is the FIFA series has already become a target on the player purse "cash out" of the game. In experience after a period of time, however, our this kind of preconceived ideas, also will slowly change.15 nor even a F2P game, FIFA on endurance slot and a variety of odd constraints, let you just feel a little cool feeling after insitu silly, etc.


And if you really can take a tablet a kick is two or three hours, and not bad record, so get on the longexpected star you bought FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins also enough.If the judge should from the perspective of creative, so we really can be described as a mediocre insincere. But there is no to spell creative mobile football game, the priority is to establish their own profit model, and within the core player's demand and the purchase and find the balance between elements, and the FIFA 15 just took a welcome step.For more Fifa 15 game news and FIFA 15 Ultimate Team building info from   FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Quick Simulation options The Ultimate confrontation between FIFA 15 and PES2015 Fifa 16 Coins.