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Open a brothel with silicone dolls

The world is so big that there are no surprises Realistic sex doll. There will never be the weirdest things around us, only more weird things.

The protagonists of this incident are not our real people, but some female dolls made of silicone. They gathered in a brothel in Barcelona, ​​which specializes in providing erotic services to men. It is said that they are clearly marked and priced by the hour. The charge is 120 euros per hour, which is 8,900 yuan in RMB. Isn't it expensive? In my opinion, this is too expensive, spending 120 euros to go whoring, it is just a sex doll. But what is unexpected is that the business of this store is so good that the boss made a fortune. The owner of this shop said: "Our Huge male sex doll here are all made with high-quality materials, and a lady costs at least 10,000 US dollars. Therefore, the effect is very realistic. Compared with real people, except for not moving, talking, there is nothing A little bit different, um, you know... Here, you can not only feel the comfort of sex, but the most important thing is that you don’t have to feel guilty towards your own wife because of having sex with others. After all, this is a lifeless lady, even if his wife knows about it, he won’t blame us... Isn’t it killing two birds with one stone?"

The charge here is 120 Euros per hour... about 8-900 RMB. -In order to meet the requirements of different male guests, there are currently 16 top ladies to choose from, with robot sex doll of different countries, sizes and styles

Reduce crime with silicone dolls
Although we are living in an era of peace, there are still many rape cases around the world. According to official statistics, since the birth of sex dolls, the number of rape bbw sex doll cases in the world has been drastically reduced, and the incidence of AIDS has also decreased.

There is such a business in Beijing that was originally in the business of sex toys. The store originally sold inflatable dolls, but this product is usually bought by not many people. First of all, the workmanship is too fake, which looks very different from the real person. Just imagine When I was having sex with an inflatable doll at night, a beam of light came in and I found that I was very different from others, and I shouldn't be scared to death. Besides, it would be terrifying if the air leaked. One day a customer came to the store to buy an inflatable doll and casually said to him: If the inflatable anime sex doll in the future can be like a real doll, will there be no more impulsive rapists? We know that consumers are the vane of the market. In many cases, what is popular in the market changes with consumers' ideas.

He was right. Why did no one of us realize this? Is it true that replacing our partners with the silicone dolls we bought shyly can reduce the harm to society? The bosses started to make crazy big advertisements, saying goodbye to the shy Chinese people. Character, use another way to protect our country. The intention of the boss is to let more people accept the method of using silicone dolls to relieve loneliness. Each of us is not a saint, but we can improve ourselves and the people around us through our own changes and efforts. Starting from Beijing, everyone in the future will accept black sex doll . It is just as natural and as it should be to accept the mobile phone, so that the harm crime in the society is gradually reduced, so we must first start by resolving the loneliness and accepting the silicone doll.