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OM - OL: Labrune Aulas and continue the game and blows rain - Source: Maxifoot,

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The battle between Marseille and Lyon has once again been eventful buy fifa 16 coins Sunday night (1-1). And match facts. Among them, a penalty, a red card and a break of twenty minutes. After the meeting, Vincent Labrune and buy fifa coins Jean-Michel Aulas delivered a final round ... Labrune vs Aulas, the match continues After high color match played between OM and OL (1-1), Vincent Labrune and Jean-Michel Aulas continued the meeting with a heated exchange as those that took place on the lawn of the Velodrome. And in the stands ... Forums which descended whistles fed against Mathieu Valbuena but Jérémy Morel. And projectiles, twice, on a corner kick from Valbuena him again, then a throw from the Lyon goalkeeper Anthony Lopes prompting Ruddy Buquet to interrupt the game for twenty minutes and could cost dear to the club Marseille before the Disciplinary Commission. Labrune accuses arbitration and Lyon After the final whistle, Labrune who obviously thought about its axis of defense between the recovery and the end of the match, defended fut coins OM and his supporters in particularly tempting to dismiss the blame on arbitration! "Some teams are more used to play 11 against 10 and have penalties as OL, and others more used to playing 10 against 11 and never have penalties like OM, "he dropped the microphone of Canal +. "I say ironically because there have been incidents ... The club will assume its responsibilities, but at some point it's going. I think the referees did not mean to, but it's always in the same direction, "he continued, recalling that last year already," the game cost us € 35m because we are refuses a goal "and that the previous year his team had not been helped by arbitration. "It is better to laugh. It ended well, but if it had gone into a spin, we would not have been responsible for all, "he concluded. - Source: Maxifoot,