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A new theory tells e-cigar is the better tool of quitting smoking

Submitted by Tianli on Tue, 10/27/2015 - 23:56

A new research by health personnel in England tells that e-cigar made by e cigarette pressure sensor has about 95% lower risk than common smokes, therefore, it can be vigorously promoted to be the powerful tool to help smokers quit smoking.

Kevin Sudon, an expert in charge of England Public Health Department said, e-cigar is not completely harmless, but has much less risk than traditional ones. Their research also found that those deadly chemicals in traditional cigarettes mostly do not exist in e-cigars, which has much less risk when passively smoke the cigars.

Statistics provided by researchers said there are 2.6 million adult smokers in England mostly using e-cigar as the tool to quit smoking.

E-cigar with electret condenser microphone becomes more and more popular in European and American countries, which is a non-combustion smoke replacement product with battery, nicotine box and sprayer in the metal smoke tube. Users can intake the evaporated nicotine and exhale white mist, and can choose special favors according to his favourite.

However, international medicine (000516, Guba) research institute still doubts if e-cigar can help people quit smoking as an cigar replacement. Health department in many countries are trying to promote decrees to stipulate the sales and using of e-cigars. WHO pointed in an report in 2014 that before there is clear data, e-cigar should be strictly controlled, banned to smoke indoor and prohibited to sell to teenagers.

A survey result recently released by University of Southern California is inconsistent with the Britain research. The USA survey considered that compared with teenagers that never contact with e-cigars, those who smoke e-cigars before will have 2 times higher ratio when they transferred to smoke common cigars.

Doctor REN Ganquan, China Officer Director of the International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease said on the interview, for years there was no research consensus about the smoke-quit effect worldwide. The e-cigar by electronic cigarette pressure sensor concentration can be freely adjusted, meaning when misused, it will cause nicotine acute poisoning.  

He holds that e-cigar has more risks than benefits. If list e-cigar as the prescription medicine, there will be much better effect when people that want to quit smoking follow the doctor's advice. "However, for e-cigar manufacturers and dealers, it is extremely limited to the consumer groups and markets."