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Morata beat Barcelona for Real Madrid fans

Submitted by playerhot on Sun, 09/27/2015 - 23:12

Juventus striker Morata analyzed and Barcelona's Champions League final, said he was eager to score in this battle:. "I wanted to win, and I know what this means for the Real Madrid FIFA 16 fans." playerhot is the best page tobuy cheap fifa 16 coins.

Yet another Champions League final, where a more special it? "Two are the same, the Champions League final is the football match-ups, but also a chance to write history." If you want to get know the latest FIFA 16 news, please look into the news on playerhot.
Barcelona are the favorites? "Obviously, we will have to face one of the strongest FIFA 16 teams in the world, but Juve also want to prove how good we are. We experienced a great season, but also understand how difficult the game will be."

Goals against Barcelona you mean? "It's hard to say, not only because our opponents are Barcelona, ​​and this is a cheap fifa 16 coins Champions League final. However, this will be a very tough match."

In addition to Messi, Barca would you most like which FIFA 16 players do not play? "They are very powerful FIFA 16 players, but I would say Iniesta. He is my favorite player, my teammate in the national FIFA 16 team."

Madrid Juve fans will support it? "Of course, it's logical that we will clash with Barcelona. I hope to buy fifa 16 coins fans, but also for the Real Madrid fans, this also means that many of them."

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