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Middle-aged men buy physical dolls to face loneliness

   "My daughter is a little frightened!" is the first sentence Xiaoyao Zhu Xueyu (screen name, hereinafter referred to as Xueyu) blurted out during the interview.
   Nowadays, we are living in an era of eagerness for quick success and instant benefits. Some people are fighting for money and salivation; some people are lust, which hurts both sides. It is self-evident how cruel the process should be. The result is not so important, because often looking back, it is a loneliness like a scourge.
  I first met Xueyu because he was a customer in the store. After receiving the products in the store, he felt that his head was different. After repeated communication and negotiation, we decided to directly send him a TPE head. At this point, I believe someone can guess what it is buying? Yes, a real doll.

  What is a real sex doll? Is it an inflatable doll? No, the love doll is made of TPE or silicone, which is more like a human doll. Some people say that this is not a sex product, but the truth is that it starts with sex, but it doesn't stop at sex. Here you can start with Xueyu's story.
   In the communication with him, he probably had a vague figure in his mind. He is a middle-aged man who is nearly 50 years old and has a 20-year-old daughter. This is the family where he was born. Since his daughter was 8 years old, he began to raise it alone, and lived the days of being both a father and a mother. As for how his wife is, it is inconvenient for others to ask, but it will not be a pleasant thing, just like when chatting. What Xueyu said: "People will betray, but small sex dolls will not." The love of this era is like a horse and flower, saying that it is free and easy, but it is also slightly pale. 
   When my daughter was young, she had to look after her for fear of getting hurt. When she was adolescent, she had to educate her about women and feelings, which would be embarrassing, but it is better than being deceived by others. This is a process of growing up. It belongs to my daughter and my own. When I was young, I had to take care of my daughter and had no time for feelings. Now that my daughter is older, she will have a family and a business in the future, and a sense of emptiness has spontaneously arisen.
   Before buying a cheap full body sex doll, my daughter always discusses with her girlfriend, wanting to match her girlfriend's mother to him, so that she can stay with her girlfriend forever. He said: "At first, when my daughter saw a dummy lying on the bed suddenly, there was always a pimple in her heart, thinking that her father was a weird person. After all, most of the people who bought this were the otaku in everyone's mouth."

   Now my daughter has figured it out. No matter how many he buys, he can't steal the love for her. Besides, my father still cares about her alone, and it's boring to fight with a dummy. Now the daughter will cooperate with him in combing the doll’s hair, and she will also take the initiative to comb the doll’s hair, and even hold her kiss, call the doll a little mother, and when decorating workers at home, she also joked: "Dad, do you want to Hide little mom?"
   This is a process of comparing heart to heart. At the present time, Xueyu often buys decorations and costumes for BBW sex dolls, and her daughter often exchanges costumes with dolls. Seeing him now, she doesn't even mention finding a wife. Another advantage is that I often didn't sleep well in the past, and during this period of time I was sleeping with my baby, and I can actually sleep deeply.
   In the world of real small sex dolls, it is full of bizarre emotional stories, which make people feel deeply. It is born the same as a human being. In addition to its beauty on the outside, the inner emotions it can satisfy are probably also an important factor that is more attractive. Both men and women need emotional sustenance, otherwise it is like duckweed floating in the red dust. The physical doll is like a harbor for the soul, a place of peace of mind. When he is toiling for life, or for other reasons, this will be the best stop. At this point, you can easily let go of the pressure and have pure feelings. 

   Xueyu once had a whole family, and his emotions rested on his wife and children, because this is a close relative, he valued this emotional sustenance. Nowadays, the child is older and seems to be alone. There are not many regrets in life experience, but hope for the future is still needed. Therefore, this emotional sustenance is needed. Even if it is short-lived, he seems to jokingly said: Fuck me, I have to consider it carefully. My daughter has her own thoughts, so she has to find someone she can."
   People need emotional sustenance because of their inner pursuit of feelings. Therefore, they need such emotional sustenance. He is planning to buy another one when his daughter and boyfriend go out next year.
"Now, my daughter has gradually accepted it, not in me, in'her'." At the end, Xue Yu said slowly, there is a talkable "partner" and a complete "home", which should be his biggest Happiness! It's not a relief, at least it's more comfortable than loving someone with too much stuff.