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Marvel Comics History - The Fallen

A moment of quiet please, as we remember the fallen heroes of Marvel Comics...

While by no means exhaustive, the following are notable deaths from the pages of Marvel Comics.


Old Cap was shot and killed on the steps of the courtroom not too long ago. He was arrested for allegedly resisting the Registration Act in the wake of the Civil War. In Captain America #25, an obsessive Act supporter shoots Steve Rogers in the head and he dies on the steps (vol. 5). Cap had previously "died" a few times, of course. Everyone knows that after years of being missing, his body was discovered frozen in a block of ice. This time, they claim, he's dead for good, but we all know that only Bucky, Uncle Ben, and Jason Todd's deaths are permanent. So far, we've spotted two of them back among the living.


There are too many of this woman's deaths to count. In the Dark Phoenix Saga, when the Phoenix Force possessed her body with captain america shield the greatest number of her fatalities. Inevitably, she went back. And subsequently passed on once more. And eventually came back. And they all eventually passed away. Repeat after me... Since her death, Scott Summers has moved on... to Emma Frost.


This time it's another Avenger who's died and been resurrected multiple times. During Avengers: Disassemble, he perished as the Scarlet Witch used chaos magic to disrupt the world. A transformed Hawkeye was discovered among the living after everything collapsed.


Ben Parker's death, which inspired Peter Parker to become Spider-Man, is often regarded as the most poignant in the annals of Marvel Comics.


A greater number of people died in one book than ever before. To begin with, in X-Force, the entire squad was annihilated. The slaughter resumed under a new banner and with a fresh squad. In the biggest spoof of comic book killings ever seen, members were eliminated one by one.


Cobra Commander was slain and buried by Marvel while they owned the G.I. Joe license, therefore it's true that he doesn't feature in the main Marvel canon. But on the cover of issue #100, it said, "I'm Back!" beside a picture of the masked man. As a G.I. Joe fan, you were living in exciting times with this issue and unveiling.

The countless fatalities depicted below are but a sample of the total number of Marvel Comics characters to meet their end. There are dozens of other ones, some less prominent than others, strewn across the Marvel Universe. There will always be a comic about dying. It's only natural to worry about how long it'll be before Uncle Ben comes walking down Main Street.

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