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Mahindra Jivo 365 Tractor Is a Bunch of Advanced Features

Mahindra jivo 365 is the best tractor model belonging to the Mahindra tractor brand. The company is one of the popular tractor companies which has a great presence in the Indian tractor industry. Mahindra produces many innovative tractors, ranging from 15 hp - 75 hp and Mahindra JIVO 365 DI s is one of them. It is a 36 hp mini tractor that is suitable for paddy and puddling applications. The tractor model has a powerful engine with 3-cylinders, generating 2600 RPM. It is a perfect package of innovative features which handle all the weather and soil conditions.

Compact size, potent engine, smooth functioning, and adorable design, making it the most liked tractor. The tractor model provides:

A fuel-efficient engine.
A large fuel tank.
Economic mileage.
An excellent braking system.

It comes from the popular JIVO series, which symbolises unmatched performance, high technology, durability and versatility. Mahindra tractor comes equipped with all innovative and latest features, resulting in high yield.

Why Mahindra Jivo 365 Select For Farming?

Mahindra Jivo 365 has many innovative features which accomplish all the farming operations efficiently. Some of which are defined below.
The tractor model comes with a dry air cleaner which keeps the tractor’s internal system clean.
32.2 PTO hp delivers the maximum power to the linked farm equipment.
Mahindra mini tractor has a compact size and short turn radius, which helps in short and small areas.
It provides comfortable gear shifting to the tractor operator that makes the tractor operating smooth and easy.
The tractor model design attracts all the small and marginal farmers.
Mahindra 365 tractor price is Rs. 4.80 lakh* - Rs. 5.50 lakh*.

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