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Linear Bearing Pillow Blocks Now offered in Stainless Steel

Submitted by Tianli on Tue, 04/19/2016 - 22:38

SSPillowBlock_lrgPBC ball bearing housing introduces total stainless steel pillow blocks for their Simplicity® linear bearing product lines. Designed to ensure long-lasting linear and rotary performance in corrosive, wash-down, clean-room and food processing applications, PBC Linear’s new all stainless steel pillow blocks can be integrated into a wide array of applications.

The pillow bearing block incorporate PBC Linear’s Simplicity® technology bonded onto 300 series stainless steel—assuring years of trouble-free linear motion in the most demanding environments. The Simplicity® Frelon J liner provides smooth, quiet and nearly frictionless motion and is immune to most acids, caustic chemicals, salt water and de-ionized water. Since the self-lubricating bearings contain no rolling elements and they are designed to operate on PBC Linear’s 300 series shafting, they provide the only true total corrosion resistant linear and rotary motion solution. Their ability to operate at high temperatures—up to 240°C—without lubrication makes them ideal candidates for autoclaves, ovens, and steam wash down applications. Even in severe cold (-240°C), they have the ability to effortlessly move heavy loads without catastrophic failure and lubrication! Also, Simplicity® products are virtually immune to dirt, sand, sawdust, sludge, metal shavings, weld slag, grinding swarf and other contaminants.

Dimensionally interchangeable with most competitive linear pillow block assemblies, the new stainless steel option from PBC Linear offers reliability, precision and smooth linear guidance for the laboratory, marine, medical, and food-processing industries.

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