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The knownledge of sex doll

Submitted by aldollsale on Wed, 12/21/2022 - 20:54

[What is a "sex doll?"]

Simulating dolls can also be called silicone sex dolls or TPE mini sex doll. In terms of material, sex dolls are similar to inflatable dolls. The softness and deformations of silicone bbw sex doll are very similar to that of flesh. Also, the joint deformations are very good. You can get a face that looks like a real person.

[Classification of sex toys]

1. It can be divided roughly into silicone bbw sex doll and TPE, depending on the material.

2. It is divided according to its production area into domestic and imported sex toys.

3. It is divided according to the product form into smart sex toys and non-smart dolls.

What makes a smart sex doll and what does it look like?

The domestic currently serves two functions.

Smart body temperature

The heating principle of electric blankets is similar to intelligent temperature control. All parts of the body can achieve a human body temperature of 37°F, which is close to the feeling of being a person.

b. Intelligent voice

High-tech smart chips can produce high-fidelity sound and high-tech smart technology uses it to transmit undistorted sound via the smart chip sensor.