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Japanese men's solutions to social pressure

Japanese men are under a lot of pressure and many choose not to get married and stay with a Japanese sex doll
As we all know, Japan is a country with a lot of social pressure, Japan's economic pressure, high unemployment rate, so, relatively speaking, Japanese men are facing a lot of social pressure. This also leads them to choose not to marry and with the physical doll companionship.
Japanese men's working hours are very long, almost always leave early and return late, because of this, many Japanese people do not even have time to talk to someone, and now women's financial requirements for the man is also relatively high, if not able to afford a family's financial strength, Japanese men are very difficult to find someone in such a society. But LifeLike Sex Doll can completely eliminate their concerns about time and money.
In addition to the issue of money, there is also a developed single economy in Japan, many people prefer to immerse themselves in a virtual relationship, and then such a relationship they feel more mysterious, more exciting, and now nearly a quarter of young people in Japan choose not to marry.
We know that Japan's physical dolls of this kind of adult sex industry is very developed, these young people who choose not to get married are more willing to get along with the physical dolls for a long time, they feel that this is more interesting than to go to a real relationship, a relationship also needs to spend a lot of time and money, not only that, in front of the real people also need to do a lot of hypocritical performance, there is no way to live self-esteem, and with the physical dolls together but do not have to be so formal, do not need to face all kinds of problems and pressure, some people also feel that with the physical dolls together, will make their work more exciting.

In fact, in addition to the "poor" do not want to get married, some rich people also do not want to get married, because they feel that the TPE sex doll to bring them more fun.