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It is my honor to work for Man Utd

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Giggs Refused to help Van Gaal and is to leave Man Utd Pleasant hours fly past. After he had the great victory in his debut lead, Giggs was stroke at once. Because the Man Utd coached by Gidds losed the match to the avoiding relegation team Sunderland at home with 0 to 1. The British media pointed out that it was not appropriate for Giggs to become a regular coach in the Old Trafford Buy Fifa 16 Coins.


However, Van Gaal was the best choice. At the same time, Daily Mirror revealed that Giggs would leave Man Utd this summer to coach the other football teams.The British media has recognized that Van Gaal would join in Man Untd. Whether he will give a position for Giggs is unkonw to us. But based on the Daily Mirror, we got to know Giggs will leave Man Utd. He said, he doesn’t want to be a red symbol in Van Gall’s team. He hopes he can have some certain real right.If Gaal continues to employ Giggs. He wishes Giggs can contect the relationship between him and Man Untd well to a great extent. As the senior advisor, Giggs is qualified to take this job.


But he has higher pursuit. He thinks that he can acculate experience in the other teams which will lay the foundation of his future coach.“I play only for Man Utd, it has nothing to do with money. It is my honor to work for Man Utd. From the perspective of coaches, however, I am still young. I have twenty to twentyfive years to coach. So it is not certain that I will work in Man Utd in my whole life,” Giggs said.To buy Fifa 14 Coins cheaply and find more football news online, just have a visit to   Van Persie Return Back Becoming an Invisible Man Excellent record will increase audience interest in Football Fifa 16 Coins.