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Improving A Dull Dress With Inexpensive Glass Beads

Submitted by kellynina on Mon, 10/19/2015 - 23:57

If you want to make bridesmaids dresses or prom dresses look more impressive without breaking the bank, then it is possible to jazz up simple dresses using glass beads. These beads are an excellent choice because they catch and reflect the light to add a little sparkle to the dress that you are wearing.

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Depending on your requirements, you can achieve an overt type of sparkliness by adding faceted glass beads or a subtle sparkle using rounded, polished beads. Alternatively, you can mix the two sorts of beads together for a really lovely effect.

Decorating straps

Dull dress straps can be improved by adapting them with beads. Very thin straps can be changed by actually threading them through chunky glass beads. If you choose to do this, you will probably need to pick very smooth, polished beads, or else they may irritate the skin on your shoulders. Carefully unpick the thread at the back of the dress which keeps the strap in place (alternatively cut the thread away) and leave the strap fixed at the front. Thread your chosen beads onto the strap, making sure that you leave a little room at one end, so that you can reattach the strap to the area where you detached it from. Sew the strap back into place, making sure that it is the same length as it was before, and that the dress sits in the same position. It may be a good idea to go over the sewing twice, because the extra weight from the beads could make the strap less secure otherwise.

Waist bands

Creating a sparkling waist band out of glass beads is a great idea, as it can make a dull or monotone dress look really fresh and interesting. Although this section will talk about a waist band, you can also think about putting a band around any other section of the dress, depending on what effect you are hoping to achieve. Moving the band up or down the body can help to accentuate or hide certain areas of the body that you may or may not want to draw attention to. For example, cinching the dress under the bust can make the bust look larger but the stomach look smaller. On a strapless dress, it is even possible to put a band right at the top of the dress, so long as it is not detracting from the neckline. These bands can either be attachable or detachable.

Either choose an elasticised band which will have some give, or a fixed band. If you choose a fixed material, you may have to include a tie or zip to allow the dress to be added or removed properly, depending on what section of the band the dress will be placed at. Once you have chosen the right sort of band, begin to sew appropriate glass beads onto the band in the pattern of your choosing. You can use a single line of beads, multiple lines of beads, or create a unique pattern. See more at: Missydress prom dresses uk