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Importance of JIC in Hydraulic Fittings

If you want to make sure that the hydraulic system you are using is working properly, then you have to use the highest quality hydraulic fitting. As we know that hydraulic fittings like boschhydraulic hose fittings areused as the medium between various parts of a hydraulic system toassure that the system is working properly.
Since hydraulic fittings are so important, itbecomes very crucial for you to make sure that the connection style being usedis very reliable, to ensure that the system works properly withoutmalfunctioning.
JIC, commonly known as Joint Industrial Council, is used a lot because it is a very reliable connecting style. JIC is very popular mainly because the fitting end has a 37-degree flare, and it is perfect for proper functioning.
These small things play a huge role in a hydraulic system. For example, when the fitting end of JIC is attached to other hydraulic components like a flared tube, or in some cases, a hose fitting then the resulting component is completely resistant to any kind of vibration, it gives seal reliability, and it can be reused again too. This only happens because of the 37-degree flare at the fitting end.
This is the reason why everyone trusts JIC for the proper functioning of their hydraulic system.
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