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IJ Start Canon your Canon printer setup

If you just bought the printer, you need to setup at https //ij start cannon. Whether you are new to using Canon printers or have experience using Canon printers, you should visit the  official website of the company. We offer the most modern and efficient printing services to speed up your production process and create stunning prints. When buying a new printer or setting up your existing print device, the first thing you should do is download the printer driver from 

Visit to find the best way to download Canon printer drivers. Whenever you need to print documents, paper, photos, scans, faxes and  more, Canon printers are the perfect choice. To take advantage of the advanced printing features you must learn how to configure your Canon printer using Review and follow the steps  below to finish setting up your Canon iJ printer using Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth, and other connectivity options.
How to download Canon printer driver using 
To perform all required operations you need to continue Canon printer driver download procedure. Start Setup IJ Canon. The platform to get the driver download link is ij start cannon. The portal's user-friendly interface makes it easy to get download links. However, if you want to avoid making mistakes or having problems, you should follow the instructions below. 

The first step of the process is to open any  web browser. If necessary, refresh your browser to continue. Type "" in  the empty address field Enter the URL and press the Enter key to display the printer driver download screen. Then select the "Configure" option. You will be asked to search for your product in the next ij.start.cannon window that will appear on your screen. You must enter the printer product name of the driver you want to download in the space provided. After entering your name, click Visit. 

The model name will be printed. A download link will  appear in the center of the screen. Before downloading the printer driver, you must select an operating system. Selecting the right operating system is important so that users can access links to the right applications. Therefore, click on the inverted triangle tab in the upper right corner. Select an operating system from the selection list. Select "Download" from the tab. The installation file download  will begin. This process will continue for a while. Hours may vary depending on  the speed of your internet connection.
How to install Canon printer IJ  
The answer to download Canon printer drivers quickly and easily is ij.start canon. Canon IJ Start  simplifies the installation and configuration of the Canon inkjet printer so  you get the highest quality prints. Follow the simple steps below to set up your IJ printer. 

First, plug the power cord into the printer cable connector on the back of the printer. Then turn on the switch and plug the other end into an electrical outlet. Then press the power button to turn on this printer. Also, the green LED starts blinking and lights up after a while. A language selection prompt appears on the LCD. Select your preferred language (English is the default language). After selecting your language and clicking OK, you will be prompted to install the  cartridges. Remove the shell. To access the  left and right slots where the black and color  cartridges are located, you must first open a small box under the front cover. Then remove the orange tape from the cartridge. Insert  and push up. The black cartridge should be on the right and the color cartridge on the left. After closing the cover, the printer will automatically restart. You will hear a sound when the reset is complete. Then place the paper in the input tray. The input tray will slide  out of this position slightly. You can also change the paper size. Then, you put the paper in and then push the paper tray in.

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