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I tried closing out the trying again

Is going on here? I tried Fifa Coins closing out the; trying again, still nothing. Went on to console the; same thing.Let me first say before my;s thought, Imy;ve never once bought coins as I think my;s a waste of money to spend on this game. In fact the only money Imy;ve ever spent was a measly $30 on fifa points at the first week. So my;s not a ban/reset for that.I went to chat support the; of course I got nothing but the usual useless why;trouble shootingwhy;. Had me do the cache clear, cold restart the console the; all that * the still the same thing.


After going on n on we get no where of course so then why;Imaviwhy; (#( chat supporters name )#) asks this - why;sir have you purchased coins from a non EA Supported website? As that is against our policy and is subject to an account banningwhy;My reply - No I have not ever purchased any coins, the only coins Imy;ve earned is from fifa points or via the transfer market.Imavi - Well thatmy;s good then sir, thank you for not breaking any rules.


I have provided the Fifa 17 Coins necessary trouble shoot steps, since you are still having this issue I will have to escalate this case to the Technical support team.Blah blah blah you know how that goes... Tech support aka where cases go to die. I said so basically I have lost everything and have to start over, thatmy;s beyond unfair!He apologizes and says for my troubles he can be allowed to put 2 free gold packs in to my account.