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I began writing this article at the beginning of Monday

Submitted by Devon456 on Mon, 06/19/2023 - 16:47

Quick and brief thoughts on Saturday's wild card games. I'm liking Three underdogs over the weekendThe Indianapolis Colts, Seattle Indianapolis, the Los Angeles Chargers and Indianapolis Mut 23 coins.

Seattle is more efficient at quarterback and could remove the air from the game by playing a defense/run game.

The Chargers could easily beat the Ravens a few weekends ago and will not be deceived by their running games this year. They've also played extremely well at home this season in beating the Seahawks, Chiefs and Steelers away from Stub Hub Center.

I have mentioned the Colts above. They are playing excellently. They're a superior team to the Texans whom they defeated in Houston last week.

The Eagles face a difficult match in heading towards Chicago. I'm predicting that the Bears are the better team in this game.

Black Monday

I began writing this article at the beginning of Monday. Five coaches were fired in the beginning and today the number is eight.

The most desirable jobs tend to be Cleveland, New York Jets and Arizona. These teams have young quarterbacks as well as space for cap. I'd suggest that coaches be lined up for these gigs cheap madden 23 coins. It's not clear where other teams go as there's hardly any regular coaches. It's time to look outside the box to find some winning coaches.