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How To Wear A Gold Pendant The Right Way?

Submitted by girijaseth on Wed, 05/12/2021 - 03:18

Pendants are a great way to alleviate any plain outfit and neckline. Throw them on a flat looking top, and you are good to go. They offer versatility to glam up any look for various occasions. They work just fine with a modern, casual, traditional or even formal look.

We often buy them out of sheer fascination without realising how to incorporate them into the necklace. The key is to understand the gold pendant design before matching it with your clothing. It can make or break your look depending on the way you style it.

Considering some essential facets of the pendant will not let your impulse online jewellery shopping go in vain. You may even create a statement look that would make heads turn. So, be confident in your choice and read on to use it in the right way:

Check chain weight and length: This is an essential factor that often gets overlooked until your chain breaks in half. The weight of both the pendant and the chain need to correlate. A heavy locket needs to have a chunky chain for support and vice versa. Also, think about where you want the locket to sit and accordingly select the necklace. If you are not sure of the dimensions, read the specifications during jewellery shopping online.

Keep it simple: As the famous saying goes, less is more. It is especially true for statement pieces like pendants. They are already captivating and charming enough to complete your look. You do not have to add anything much to enhance it. So, avoid wearing flashy or long earrings that take away the focus and create a messy look.

Give it a twist: Try different varieties of a gold pendant design in white, yellow and rose shade. Also, consider mix-matching with a silver chain to make it stand out. This contrast is trendy and has a casual and outgoing vibe to it. This way, you can enhance your pendant in different ways for various events.

Wear it in a suitable outfit: Choosing your clothes first allows you to match the pendant look accordingly. For instance, putting on your pendant over a turtle neck or a plain full-neck top is an ideal choice. Similarly, you must consider the neckline and shape before adjusting where you want the chain to sit. They look lovely on a V-neck t-shirt or a fancy blouse. Make sure to maintain parallels with the tone of your clothing and chain design.