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How is stainless steel profile pipe made?

Section tubes are currently very popular among stainless steel tube and SS stud bolt manufacturers in India in India and experts in other fields. They stand out among all pipe products in an unusual shape - oval, rectangular or square, which is extremely convenient when making different designs. Various types of metals are used to make these products. However, such a pipe and Stainless Steel Flange Bolts occupies a special place - it is very resistant to corrosion and resistance.

They manufacture stainless steel pipe profiles in various forms:

  • Cold Deformation
  • Hot deformation
  • Reducing
  • Welding method.

Stainless steel square pipe products are manufactured by specialized companies (for pipes, boiler fittings, various machine parts, etc.) and general use. During hot or cold deformation, the production process of Grade 8.8 bolts takes place on specially rotating equipment for longitudinal ignition of heated or cooled round tickets. Next comes the surface treatment of the final product such as Grade 12.9 Bolts. Shortening involves stretching and, at the same time, subsequent ignition of the stainless steel circle (using cold and hot cards).
Welded products are obtained by sewing. Main processing method followed by Titanium Fasteners manufacturers in India:
% high frequency electric welding;

  • Laser Welding
  • Plasma Welding

In inert gas using tungsten electrodes. Rectangular
stainless steel tube rolled parallel to the welding machine. Welding is carried out simultaneously with the profiling of a rectangular or square shape. The manufacturing process followed by duplex 2205 hex bolt manufacturer in indiacan also consist of welding stainless steel strips after giving them the desired profile.

In the final production step, the profiled pipe is subjected to treatment:

  • thermal annealing;
  • chemistry - engraving;
  • mechanical - grinding.

Types of Stainless Steel and astm a193 b8m Profiles by Surface Type

  • Matte, Thick
  • Matte but Smooth;

Polished with medium exposure -

  • Finishing was done with a coarse sanding belt with a grain size of 320;
  • Polished with short strips (not mirrored) - final processing with a less coarse strip with a grain size of 400;
  • Mirror (polished) - The surface was treated using tape to polish the material.

Most Wanted Polished Profile Tube ASTM A453 Grade 660 are made of stainless steel strip (strip) during welding. The mirror surface is obtained in the process of machining the part on special machines using an abrasive paste. The outer and inner surfaces of grade 10.9 bolts are polished. The mirror profile product at cost is much more expensive. Stainless steel pipe polishing is a time-consuming process, but almost all of it is automated.
Advantages and Features ofStainless Steel Profile Pipe
316 Stainless Steel Pipe Products combine the following properties and benefits:

  • Has high strength with low weight;
  • Easier assembling than other construction products;
  • Withstands significant loads due to their distribution along the edge (in the wall);
  • preserves its properties against temperature;
  • Good indicators of flexibility and torsion;
  • It is convenient to lay the pipeline on flat surfaces;
  • High corrosion resistance, long life;
  • fire resistance;
  • High environmental safety;
  • Can be easily cleaned from contamination - High level of cleanliness;
  • High aesthetics - does not require additional surface treatment;