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How to Reset Gmail Password by SMS

Many times we forget our email account passwords We try to recover those accounts using the same old technology. In the old technology, the service provider claims security replies or sends a new password (verification code) to the registered email. Email: Interestingly, receiving a new password (verification code) on your registered mobile phone is another reliable way to reset your Google Account password. While these methods are easy to follow with almost all web hosting companies, sometimes they are easy to crack.

1. Open Google Sign in to its account recovery page
2. Enter the Gmail address used to access your account
3. Exclude options by repeatedly clicking "Try other options"
4. You will be offered a phone number registered with that phone number
5. Enter a recovery phone number
6. Google will send a new password (verification code) to the registered mobile phone number
7. Dial this number enter it
8. This will allow you to set a new password
9. Save Changes
10. You now have the right to use the new account password to log in to your account

Did you sign in with the new password? Contact account protection for SMS Gmail Password Reset if you haven't been able to recover your lost account. Google has the best customer service team, it is focused on quality. You can contact these customer care professionals through chat support, phone support, or email support. These professionals are world-renowned for their impeccable support services.