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How to match daily life

Submitted by blueandred on Fri, 08/13/2021 - 01:32

Since the start of autumn, although the summer heat has not yet gone away, but the morning and evening temperature has obviously had a cool, autumn is not know what to wear?
If you don't like fancy and complicated clothes, you must try the minimalist style, without too many elements, simple and clean color matching, easy to wear texture, but also can show our good clothes.
To the girl that likes low-key wear build not to be willing to mediocre again, minimalist wind is the choice that does not make a mistake absolutely, it resembles a clear current of fashionable circle, no matter how tide changes, do not suffer influence.
Compare with multifarious design, simple and clean the dress that does not have redundant design and exaggerated print element, can highlight individual temperament more, looking at the mood also can be particularly pure and fresh and comfortable.
When it comes to fall, you may be eager to start buying pants, and the first pair of pants for fall is definitely worth considering.
It is versatile and has style, crisp trousers, put on very lift gas, with the shirt is more formal and competent for commuting to work, with soft knitwear and casual T shirt, neutralized the formal sense of smoking pants, it is relaxed with sex.
Into autumn, the climate gradually has a cool, in order to cater to the season, our wear also began to have some changes, the most obvious is the color match, no longer like the summer wear as colorful, autumn is more like the poetic earth color.
Full-bodied caramel color elegance is sedate the taste that takes a point restoring ancient ways again, match cream-colored, khaki color very intellectual gentler, the black with composed collocation has sa very cool.
In autumn, the temperature gradually drops, and the choice of daily wear is more inclined to medium sleeves, long sleeves and some thin coats. Shirts are also changing from summer perspective to more textured cotton shirts or thicker chiffon.
The more simple the wear, the more test the simple sense of single goods, so in the color can not be too messy, the same color is simple to learn and easy to give texture, visual harmony is comfortable.
Early autumn is also often used in the daily collocation of scarves, hats and other small accessories to add details to wear.
For example, when wearing a handsome suit, you can fold silk scarves to enhance the sense of elegance and femininity. If the whole body is a large area of solid color, it is very suitable to use silk scarves of design and color to do the ornament, to break the monotony and boredom of minimalist style.
In the autumn coat, the suit must be turned over, the color of the most recommended soft light, not so sharp as black, dry and gentle, can be worn daily commute.
If you want to create a high-end minimalist style, the fabric must not be too soft and waxy. Three-dimensional tailoring, smooth threading, crisp and easy to wrinkle fabric, make your temperament look better, stronger aura.
Minimalist style wear has always been based on simplicity and elegance, and the whole body should try not to have more than three color blocks on a large area, such as the classic black, white and gray is the most commonly used color system in minimalist style wear.
When wearing this kind of deep color in large area, had better increase appropriately dew skin degree, whole just won't look depressing old age.
See much the dress of summer colourful, the black and white grey of a plain and clean suit is pleasing to the eye all the more comfortable instead, that kind of change numerous and complicated to build the agile and easy that give for simple, more atmosphere than all colorful dress can bear to see.
To avoid too cold aura field, still can add the bright color of small area in plain color collocation, for example a suit is extremely simple black and white match, build a red packet instant vitality is full.
Gray is not that uplifting, but a little white can be gentle and advanced and look better. In the collocation of black and white only, join a gray, whole is not so cold, contracted and delicate very noble.Read more at: light blue formal dress | red formal dresses australia