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How does item restoration operate in World of Warcraft?

Submitted by xhy082801 on Fri, 03/03/2023 - 22:09

With an incredible number of active players, World of Warcraft’s players invest time and effort, and cash to obtain a competitive advantage hanging around through either grinding or purchasing coveted gear and items.

However, whenever you accidentally sell, disenchant, as well as destroy your hard-earned in-game items while cleaning your inventory, hours of farming and actual money can easily be lost. With this, Blizzard Entertainment includes a feature that will help you retrieve them.

Read this informative guide to learn how item restoration works in World of Warcraft.

What is item restoration in WoW?

Item restoration on World of Warcraft restores sold, destroyed, and disenchanted items. Once the process is performed, the things can be retrieved inside your character’s mailbox. This feature can be obtained for all iterations of the game like Season of Mastery, Wrath from the Lich King Classic, or their newest expansion, Dragonflight.

The process is straightforward and easy to complete, however, it’s a restricted service, so only restore necessary items. Not all of the options are recoverable too. First, let’s undergo how to recuperate lost items using item restoration in World of Warcraft.

How to make use of item restoration

To restore lost, destroyed, or disenchanted items inside your World of Warcraft game, follow these steps to make use of the item restoration feature by Blizzard:

Log in and judge your server

Go to the Item Restoration page

Click around the Begin Item Restoration button

Select the smoothness/s and/or item/s you need to retrieve

Click on Continue once done

Finalize and ensure by selecting Restore Items

Check your mailbox and you’ll finally call your items back and available again for the in-game character. It’s important to note that you could only use this feature once every seven days and just if your account is active and includes a good standing. With this, take careful note of all the things you have to restore before doing each one of these steps.

What to complete before using item restoration

Should a product be irrecoverable using the product restoration service, they are permanently lost. Even the sport’s Customer Support cannot restore them, so take note of the following before utilizing it:

If you accidentally deleted the smoothness that had the lost items, undelete the smoothness first

If you disenchanted a product by mistake, make sure that your character has got the crafting materials that you simply obtained. The game reclaims them in return for the restored item

The disenchanted gear inside a raid group won't have the trade option, even when it was restored within two hours

If the things lost were a dog, mount, or heirloom, look into the Collections tab first, or sign in with the smoothness that originally acquired the product

Limitations of item restoration in WoQ

A single batch of items could be restored by using this feature only one time every 7 days. You also cannot use item restoration should you neither have the game time nor an energetic subscription. Players with accounts that are suspended or banned will also be logically not allowed to make use of this service.

Similarly, additionally, you cannot restore the next:

Items are destroyed inside your current session before you log out. You can always connect to any vendor and go towards the Buyback tab, and possibly repurchase the final 12 things you sold because you last logged in.

Stackable crafting material and quest items

Consumables like potions and reagents

Collectibles added to the Collections tab

Items available only for a restricted time like holiday items

Items that were traded or mailed to a different character, or sold in the Auction House

Items destroyed before a Faction Change or Character Transfer

If you'll still not restore your item, then it's purged in the game’s database. Generally, items having a higher level or higher quality get retained longer. For example, a Common item may be restored in a day, while an Epic item might be recovered using item restoration for thirty days.

So should you accidentally lose a much-valued high-tier item, the sport allows you additional time to recover them.

Resolving difficulties with item restoration in WoW

If you discover that the product restoration page isn't working normally, you are able to clear your browser cache and cookies or consider using a different browser. It may also be worth checking first in case your realm is within maintenance or if the server is down with the Realm Status page. For further issues, you are able to always contact Blizzard’s Customer Support for assistance.