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How Does ALDOLL Realistic Sex Dolls Bring Sentimental Value to Their Users?

Submitted by aldollsale on Sun, 12/25/2022 - 22:02

Young people are attracted to sex toys because they feel the emotion behind it.

The New York Times Poll Center report shows that nearly 60% of single respondents have a "follow-the-fate" attitude to marriage. Nearly 60% of single respondents will be married in 2021, with over two thirds of them "wanting to get married soon" and one third "fearing marriage". Klinenberg stated in "The Single Society" that "The Single Society is becoming an unprecedentedly strong and necessary social change."

A piece of news in 2018 that stated "a 35-year old Japanese otaku spent $20,00 on a virtual anime doll to marry her" was a hot topic. While marrying a virtual character may be rare, it has triggered thinking about virtual love and marriage. The virtual world is becoming more attractive to digital natives, who are less afraid per capita.

Contemporary people see social phobia as a way of living and not a negative term. Social phobia is a fear of being alone.

Businesses must also offer new social methods and emotional values to connect with the socially anxious generation. This applies to food, beauty, and adult sex toys.

As in "Air Doll" by Hirokazu Koremedia, the Japanese director Hirokazu Koe-media, "In the face stress and loneliness the otaku waiter chooses to have a lifelike doll as a companion."

Transcript of an interview with the ALDOLL factory owner on the topic: Looking at the loneliness in the new generation.

Q: Is your lifelike doll a sex toy? What kind of feeling would you like to transmit as a bbw sex doll?

ALDOLL BOSS: The word "sextoy" was used. The soul of sex toys is lacking and they must be filled with emotion. I want to offer users lower levels of pleasure and not just to satisfy their physical needs.

Q: What is the primary purpose of your realistic sex dolls? To fulfill their sexual desires. I was shocked to learn that you not only allow you to fulfill your desires, but also provide deeper pleasure. Is this love? Is this love?

ALDOLL Boss is: A couple will have other needs than their bodies when they are together. Not only do we need to satisfy the users' physical needs and the pleasures brought on by dopamine secretion, but also their psychological or inner desires. Many users chat with us, for example. We are looking into whether our products can be linked to music software to create background music or aromatherapy, scent, and background lights. We are even curious about IP, including literary novels and IP elements in games.

Q: A realistic, cheap sex doll can cost hundreds of dollars. If you explain to consumers that you aren't just buying a shemale sex doll but also purchasing this IP which solves loneliness and provides companionship, they will be open to the idea. Why would you pay so much for this IP

ALDOLL Boss: It is important to see the "post-95s", the next generation, with a fresh perspective. This generation has many needs. Many young animators are willing to pay up to two thousand dollars for a virtual performance of a two-dimensional animated character, and half of their monthly salary to purchase fantasy cartoon sex dolls.

Their demand map shows that the spiritual significance and value of virtual IPs as well as virtual activities is far greater than physical scenes like offline parties.

Many of these new generations are able to solve their loneliness by not only participating in face-to–face, people-to–people scenes. These secular parties, dinners and parties are rejected by many.

They might be more inclined to care for pets and chase virtual IPs online, or seek spiritual enrichment by "gaining happiness alone".

Q: Will ALDOLL be more than a sex manufacturer in the future? Or will it also sell services and adult resource content, as well as a product on the Internet?

ALDOLL Boss: Your comments are a matter of implementation, not strategic direction. This is a summary. What is the greatest advantage to the Internet? Can you grasp the technology's development and user needs? Are you fast enough to develop lifelike sex toys, such like intelligent sex dolls? This is my best choice right now.

The general direction doesn't want the team to be limited by current issues. We have a long-term perspective and work to develop the sex industry step-by-step in a practical manner.