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How do I optimize my chances of IVF success?

For most couples, the IVF journey can be costly, difficult, and emotionally demanding. The success rate of IVF in the Fertility Clinic in Bihar will vary 35% for each embryo transfer. If you want to optimize your chances of IVF success, you need to do the following things-
Change your way of life: Decreasing your psychological and physiological wellness can affect your IVF cycle. Eat healthy food, limit junk food consumption, and increase workouts before you go for IVF. 
Be careful with health supplements: The success rate of IVF can be affected by your intake of medicines such as folate, calcium, and iron.
Consult with your doctor to find out the correct vitamin and mineral levels of your body.
Keep a healthy body weight : You need to maintain a healthy weight to improve your chances of IVF success. Before you begin IVF treatment, monitor your BMI carefully and talk to a dietician to make sure that you have a high success rate.