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How can a mutual fund distributor help you become a crorepati & retire with a fixed income?

Letʼs consider a scenario - you are working for a job and have a stable income. You dream of owning a house, and a luxury car, providing foreign education for your kids, and retiring as a crorepati.
Do you think, itʼs possible to achieve all your dreams with just a 9 to 5 job? No right. It would require you to start a side hustle or a business to meet the required corpus.
An easy way to grow your money would be to invest it in the right instruments. And who better than a financial expert can help you do so? In this blog, we will understand how a Mutual Fund Distributor can help you become a crorepati, provide you with a fixed income after retirement, and get financial freedom.     
So, letʼs get started.
Have you heard the proverb ‘The Early bird catches the wormʼ? It translates into the person who arrives first in a place is most likely to get what they want.
This proverb also holds in the case of investment. The earlier you start saving and investing, the better it is.
And just like showing up every day is better than not showing at all, it is important to stay consistent during your investment journey.
To accumulate wealth over time you need to start early, be consistent, and invest your money through investment tools like Step-up SIPs.
SIP or systematic investment plan is a fixed amount you invest monthly into a mutual fund scheme. And with step-up SIP you can increase this amount automatically after a certain period 6 or 12 months). How do you become financially free with step-up SIP?
To become rich, experts suggest starting a monthly SIP and increasing this amount annually through step-up SIP in line with your increments.
For better understanding, let us look at some numbers. If you are 28 and start a monthly SIP of Rs. 5000 and increase it every year by 10% then you can create a whopping Rs. 10 crore till you retire assuming 15% returns.
For your reference, the Equity market has grown at 14% CAGR from 2014 on a year-on-year basis.
Once you accumulate the required corpus, you need to transfer this amount a year in advance from your equity mutual funds to safe debt funds through STP (systematic transfer plan) to protect your corpus from market volatility.
On your retirement, you can withdraw a fixed amount from your corpus through SWP (systematic withdrawal plan) to generate regular income. SWP enables you to redeem mutual fund units, sell them, and transfer a fixed amount to your bank according to a chosen frequency and duration.
What is the role of a mutual fund expert?
In your wealth-building journey, a mutual fund expert will help you create wealth using the right SIP, protect it through the STP, and distribute it with SWP.
They will make sure that you make the right investment decisions for your financial goals.
So, are you ready to become a crorepati? Visit our website to learn more.