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How Can I Setup Roku Streaming Stick on My TV?

If you have purchased Roku, then it has to be installed initially. When you’ve Roku Streaming Stick or Roku Box, the installation process for many of them will be the same.

You need following things:

Active Online connection

Find out the Roku version which you’re using or the Roku Player.

Setup Roku Stick
The stick into the HDMI interface of your smart TV.

If you’ve Roku Streaming Stick +, then you need to plug in 1 end of this Power cable into the Roku stick. Connect the other end into the power socket.
Those Roku Player users may plug 1 end of this HDMI cable into the Roku Player box and then plug in another close into the HDMI interface of your TV.
For those users who have older version TVs, then it won’t have HDMI Port. In this scenario, you should purchase an HDMI to component adapter.
If Roku participant has an Ethernet interface, then use the Ethernet Cable to link the Roku participant to the router’s Ethernet jack or change.
Last, connect the power adapter into the power socket on the wall. More than 1 HDMI port.
Efficient Ways to Set up Roku Streaming Stick

To set up your Roku Streaming on TV, you will have to follow the following steps;

#1. Firstly, you have to turn to the Roku TV or Wise TV

#2. And choose the correct HDMI interface where Roku is added.

#3. You may land up from the power-up screen comprising the Emblem of Roku.

#4. When you’ve selected English, subsequently Roku and its attributes will soon be available in English only.

#6. After that, you have to join the Roku participant to the Internet or WiFi on the community page.

#7. When Roku is attached to this network, you’ll be Motivated to download the most recent software. Wait for a while to allow Roku to upgrade its firmware or software.

#8. Now, Roku participant will automatically select the greater Resolution by assessing the HDMI connection. But, it is possible to change the screen display at any moment from Settings > Screen type to decide on the display resolution.

Notice: Roku TV users can’t select the screen type as it’s a pre-determined alternative.

#9. But, you’ll find a notification for pairing your distant occasionally. If you visit choose Roku apparatus and contains Roku enhanced distant, then you are going to find the Confirm Remote Settings alternative.

To change or save the settings, you will go to Settings > Select Remote > select Setup Remote for TV Control alternative.

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