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How can I go With Converting QuickBooks Mac To Windows

Converting QuickBooks Mac to Windows could be necessary when your company is switching workstations. Accounting Error Solution Quickbooks services can assist you to complete the transformation. You may also need help in converting QuickBooks from Windows to Mac.

Converting QuickBooks Mac to Windows—The Speediest Method

When Converting QuickBooks Mac to Windows you should perform the following DIY steps:

1. Get going with the QuickBooks Company File as administrator.
2. To perform any alterations to the QuickBooks Company File it’s prudent that you log in as an admin.
3. Now, go to the File menu and then tap on the Export button.
4. When exporting, select QuickBooks for Windows option.
5. If you see a message to verify the element before you start backing up, choose Verify.
6. Set a new and unique name for the element and then select the file location folder where you want it to save.
7. Forthwith, you need to choose the Save button.
8. Special characters will not fit within the company file so please refrain from using special characters.
9. Simply tap Enter to confirm the new password and then choose OK.
10. Tap OK again on the final approval window that ensues.
11. Next, you simply have to transfer the saved data to your Windows PC or notebook.
12. You can use any mass storage device or cloud file-sharing portals. Many people normally favour using cloud-based means like Google Drive, Dropbox etc.
13. Now, access the QuickBooks Company File on a Windows PC and start building your QuickBooks project on the new workstation.

Wrapping Up

Converting QuickBooks Mac to Windows will be very simple if you implement the above method from Accounting Error Solution. Quickbooks services are also accessible at the Accounting Error Solution web portal. They can facilitate your objective about Converting QuickBooks Mac to Windows and any other task like converting QuickBooks from Windows to Mac.