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Hockey has become such a widespread sport Custom Composite Ice Hockey Stick

Submitted by jaywillen on Tue, 07/26/2016 - 23:14

Hockey has become such a widespread sport Custom Composite Ice Hockey Stick it is played many different ways in many different places and there are so many fans. So why don't many people don't know about the history of hockey? Hockey has been around for centuries and had gone through a lot to become what it is today

Hockey has been around since early civilization such as the Rome, Scotland, Egypt and South America. Evidence shows hockey was played even before Christ. It was a simple game played on a grass field with a ball and a stick. In fact, it was typically called "the ball and stick game" there were many other names for it but the one that stuck was what the Irish called it, "hockie."

It wasn't until the 17th and 18th century that the game became unusually competitive. In England, different villages would play against neighboring villages. There were up to 100 players to a team. Games would last as long as a month and players would get injured. Instead of friendly competition, the game became about proving something and manhood. There were umpires but they barely made calls. Not only had this sport become chaotic, hockey was dangerous. People started to realize this and rules became a prominent part of the game.

The rules were scarce at first but as time grew the rules gained strength and complexity. The rules were Ice hockey sticks established along with the Hockey Association in 1875 by Eton College in England. One of the major rules was giving the umpire more authority. This alone calmed the game down and made it more civilized. Another rule limited the number of men allowed on the team to 30. As the years passed more rules were added restricting the aggression and organizing the way the game is played.

Today the dominant branch of hockey is ice hockey. Ice hockey started in Montreal Canada in 1875. A Canadian legend says that Pierre Lapin was the one to stumble upon the sport. He used a crooked stick to help him walk across the ice. This all happened when he swung the stick at a piece of beaver bladder that had surfaced. When he hit the bladder it traveled across the ice and landed just short of a small bay, imitating the goal. Soon after this, the idea developed into a game that would be worldwide!