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Here's the very first one

Submitted by sellfifa on Fri, 10/30/2015 - 18:08

First Xbox One Challenge Of Fifa 14 For the Xbox One Microsoft have revamped their achievement system, challenges are part of that. Here's the very first one.With the launch of your Xbox One single Smartglass app, we've learned that the achievements for NG Fifa 14 will be precisely the same as the ones for the Xbox 360 Fifa 16 Coins.

For those that really like achievements that is a bummer, there is something new although.Challenges are targets set inside a game that cover a restricted timeframe and provide a reward rather than just gamerscore. So sort of just like the EASFC challenges that offer XP, but at a technique level.The initial, in accordance with the new Smart Glass app, is rather daftly named On line Veteran. I say daftly, since you total it by playing just five online matches. You've got nine days to finish it.The reward is not in the app however, it really is merely listed as EAS FC Rewards so it appears like it'll be some thing from the catalog.

Challenges aren't just solo, so we could see community efforts within the future, like score 10,000 goals across a weekend, with absolutely everyone who participates and contributes collecting the reward assuming the aim is met. This could possibly be a fairly cool feature, assuming EA keep on prime of it and come up with exciting challenges and rewards. Unquestionably one to maintain an eye on.To BuyFifa Coins you can find from   The Career Mode Bonuses Of Fifa 14 Fifa 14 Games On Xbox Buy Fifa 16 Coins.