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Have you heard of these news?

A 60-year-old man in Sichuan, China bought a lifelike sex dolls. Regardless of the worldly vision, he eats, walks the birds and sleeps with the sex doll every day. The people in the village cast contempt, but he didn’t care. He told reporters: His wife has passed away, but he still has sexual desires, and he doesn’t want to look for a wife. In order to satisfy his sexual desires and commemorate his wife, he asked the reporter. I made a sex doll that looked like my wife really wanted.

In a community in Japan, almost every man has a sex doll. On weekends, those men will take their wives out to play, some holding them, some carrying them on their backs, ignoring the secular vision, they As a reporter revealed: The pressure in Japan is too great. In this era, prices are very expensive. With their wages, they can't marry a wife. So they can only live in this shabby community. One day a man came out to play with a cheap sex dolls . Gave them hope.

The streets of France, which were originally crowded and lively, suddenly quieted down today. The reporter walked around and found out that a anime sex doll brothel was opened on this street today. Neighbors in the neighborhood had a different attitude towards this. Some people said: A brothel was opened near my house, which affects our lives very much. Some people say: There will be no cheating when having sex with these prostitutes, so you don’t have to worry about your wife being jealous anymore.