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A Guide to NFT Game Development

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Submitted by solharry12 on Tue, 09/27/2022 - 23:13

Nobody knew that NFTs were going to be hugely popular when they were first introduced. More and more people are showing interest in NFT trading and NFT games. NFT games have generated more than 2.32B USD in the third quarter of 2021.

NFT game development like play-to-earn and move-to-earn games have significantly increased the popularity of NFT games. In play to earn games, players have to unlock levels or touch certain milestones to get NFTs as rewards; they get in-game rewards, weapons that are interoperable in other games. Move-to-earn games motivate users to move their bodies to earn NFTs, users can walk, run, cycle, dance, etc. to unlock NFT rewards.

How to Develop an NFT Game?


The first and foremost thing is conceptualization. What type of game do you want to build- action-adventure, party games, multiplayer online battles, shooters, etc? What type of audience do you want to attract? What would be the main features of the game? It’s best to build a minimum viable product or a game prototype.

Game Design

NFT Gaming Platform Development requires expertise to build the best game, and the best games have awesome designs. A great game design guarantees a game’s success. In this stage, you design the game environment, characters, and features with a motive to keep players engaged. The game design should fit with the storyline, rules, and goals of the game.

Tech Stack

The most popular game engines are Unity and Unreal Engine; they enhance the game development experience with 2D and 3D interfaces, scripting API, and amazing tools. For building a Play-to-earn NFT game the tech stack is blockchain, it can be Ethereum, Solana, etc., and you will have to authenticate users, build in-game assets, use smart contracts, and so on.

Crypto Gaming Wallet

Play to earn games need a crypto gaming wallet where users can store NFTs and make transactions. Many blockchains utilize the Ethereum blockchain and are connected to the Ethereum wallet. The most popular NFT wallets are Metamask and Alphamask.

Smart Contract

Smart contracts ensure the security of assets of buyers and sellers. Smart contracts are automated and when a certain action is executed, they are triggered. They save time and provide a smooth agreement process. With the help of smart contracts, the involvement of intermediaries is eliminated.

How to Choose the Best NFT Game Development Company

Developing NFT games require special expertise, blockchain engineers, designers, and QA analysts work tirelessly to provide the best NFT game development. It’s best to choose an NFT game development company to save yourself the hassle of coordinating with every developer and designer working on the project. To choose the best NFT game development company, one should look at the portfolio of the company. It helps if the company has worked on a project similar to yours as it will save time. Another important thing is client testimonials, what clients love about the company and where they see scope for improvement, and lastly, check online reviews and ratings of the NFT game development company.