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the first thing that came to mind was the'artificial intelligence lifelike sex dolls '

Now any country in the world is full of this made in China-although China is a big producer, but the level of science and technology is limited. "I thought of how China invented artificial intelligence, and the first thing that came to mind was the'artificial intelligence lifelike sex dolls '

You might be surprised by the craftsmanship involved: the sex doll meticulously blushes her fingers, hand-embroidered bikini stripes, and casts rubber with a hot iron rod. (Seeing how troublesome it is to make such a great black sex doll , I immediately studied its cost; the figure can reach tens of thousands.) "This is the height of the workplace irony," Jindon said. "You see all these women crafting these dolls for the desires of most men, but at the same time for them, it's just a job."

This is the most memorable scene in one of this year's most fascinating documentaries. This is an image-oriented impressionist portrait depicting factories, workers and consumers in mainland China. Through a series of fascinating episodes of the desire to rise from the factory floor to the middle class and the hedonism of the elite with new wealth bbw sex doll , Kingdon’s debut reveals the employment, the A keen observation of consumption and wealth. our.

The New York-based film producer is attracted to China in part because of her ancestry (her mother is Chinese) and the tremendous changes that have taken place in China in just a few decades. "This country once known as the global factory is now one of the largest consumer markets in the world," Jinden said. "I am very interested in the philosophical question of the progress paradox: what capitalism is like and what progress means TPE sex doll . Looking at capitalism in a different context helps to reflect it in our own culture."