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FIFA is not specified in February of the international break

Submitted by sellfifa on Mon, 12/28/2015 - 17:04

FIFA ranking Asia in February before 8 In 2018, according to the Asian football confederation Asian World Cup qualifiers Russia draw ceremony is scheduled for April 11. There was news that afc is scheduled for April 1 to 60 the draw ceremony. This means that the afc will march in FIFA step to determine the top 60. And FIFA is not specified in February of the international break, in late march although there are two national team matches, but will be included in the FIFA rankings to April
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That is to say, 2, 3 month's FIFA ranking there will be no big change, especially the Asian teams, after the basic will remain't rankings. However, after determining the draw on April 11, due to the FIFA on April 9 countries national team would be announced the latest rankings, so, the ranking of the Asian teams in late march to stand or fall by a friendly. China in't 31, get enough FIFA ranking points, ranking one of the top eight no suspense in the Asia in February.


Moreover, according to the current calculation, the Chinese team is likely to be integral with 629 points, and ranks seventh in Asia, in Iran, South Korea, Japan, Australia, the united Arab emirates and uzbekistan, and lined in Oman before. Want to know about FIFA News and Buy FIFA 16 Coins from   Neymar missed penalty chance in FIFA game FIFA 16 player Barton got yellow cards for seven times Fifa 16 Coins.