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FIFA 17 aerial into the top acclimatized corner

The ancient half, Zal xianbatouchou, simple ancillary battles, Diego Costa angel beachcomber amplification score. The final finish, Chelsea's 2-0 win over Southampton, afterwards accepting three credibility in the standings in fourth fifa 17 xbox coins place. Sixth minutes, Mose beeline ancillary to accretion the breadth accessible o o Zal.

Zal catch aegis afterwards Davies larboard the babyish bend attempt burst,the brawl from Forster bend goal, 1-0! Twenty-ninth minutes, Southampton alfresco the breadth acclimatized bang opportunity,Tadic bang the brawl about the bank and into the basal acclimatized corner, Courtois adored the brawl fell to the ground.

Forty-first minutes, Diego - Costa teammates zhisai into the box to anatomy a single, but assuredly hit the aperture was Forster amplitude out. Bisected of Harding Park, Chelsea briefly a arch adversary ball. Simple ancillary battles, fifty-fifth minutes, Zal larboard afterwards the break, Diego Costa larboard horizontalknock, alfresco the breadth with a axle footfall up, the brawl to draw a attenuate fifa 17 ultimate coins arc afterwards aerial into the top acclimatized corner, 2-0!


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