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FIFA 16: We tested the version (almost) end of the game ... Our impressions (and those of Pierre Menes)

Submitted by letsfifa on Fri, 09/18/2015 - 02:03

Tuesday, September 8, EA Sports, invited some journalists to test an improved version of the demo of FIFA 16 to be released buy fifa coins Monday, September 28th. We were there. 

Direction South East of Paris to discover FIFA 16. The appointment is given on the 4th floor of a building located in a hidden street. Upon exiting the elevator, a receptionist greets us with a big smile before inviting us to continue in a space below. There, several TVs are installed. Are connected from the top of the last generation buy fifa 16 coins consoles hosting a version (almost) final of FIFA 16. To make the experience more enjoyable journalists, comfortable chairs were placed in front of screens. If they had been put behind, it would not have had a great interest though. 
Without further ado, we launch some "kick" to test the game. On one side there is the SCO Angers, on the other the GFC Ajaccio. And we can tell you is that realism is still up a notch with FIFA 16. Fans of EA Sports football game know, what makes the salt is a good game its difficulty. And how does one make a FIFA harder? Defenses are improved. And that is exactly what seems to have been done. Forget tennis scores worthy sets, now it will take longer fight for the ball between the posts. And it does not displease us. 
Pierre Menes, ambassador of the game, confirmed these first impressions. "I saw fundamental differences, perhaps more than between 14 and 15, has he explained. The level of defenses fut coins was really reassessed, last year it was not very difficult to take the speed of players. Today it's complicated. "
From a graphical perspective, columnist Canal Football Club on Canal + summarizes our feeling fine: "Graphically, it must be understood that we are already at the maximum capacity of bikes where the game turns On. strictly graphical point of view I do not see what I can ask for more. " 
What we can already say to you is that FIFA 16 will not disappoint. And we give you an appointment within a few days to tell you more!