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FIFA 16 Points a giant stretch once it involves keeping

Submitted by zenmeban on Wed, 03/30/2016 - 00:29

Chelsea’s beloved hasn’t featured plenty of this season, following a lower leg injury that unbroken him out there since early Sep. however despite Chelsea’s struggles in 2010, nobody will doubt Courtois’ quality involving the sticks. For starters, he’s above 2m tall, which provides him with a giant stretch once it involves keeping shots out from the corners, and makes him a commanding presence inside box. His stats replicate in which, too – his positioning and also handling area unit the strongest components of his game, eighty-eight and eighty-seven severally, nonetheless, his reflexes and diving location unit glorious too. If you’ll manage to FIFA 16 Points  praise the Belgian far coming from Chelsea, you’ll have yourself the most effective keeper for ensuing decade, person who grows up to ninety total.


Neuer has undeniably been the best keeper within the world for 2 years currently, providing the rock-solid foundation to get a Bayern metropolis facet that has won myriad honours within the past four years.