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Features That Yield Revenue To The Business Using The On-demand Movers App Development

Submitted by markluber on Wed, 05/05/2021 - 23:01

Finding a person who helps us with the moving service is very tedious for many reasons. One being not sufficient quality or professionalism in their work as the possessions must be carefully packed and loaded in the truck and if one is lethargic about then it is the loss of the customer. Also, the availability of the fleet providers is also a factor to check on as their demand has increased to a greater extent.
Turnkeytown has released an on-demand movers and packers app which helps the users to find their ideal fleet providers who could promise safe handling, packing, and shifting to the new location.

<b>Various attributes to think about while developing uber for mover’s app development</b>

· Sorting out the objectives and scope of the app and drafting all the ideas and thoughts on how to achieve the output is the first and major thing to focus on.
· An app can be developed in both android and ios versions. Choosing the platform for the app is important because it decides the budget of the app.
· List out the features to be included in the app. Make sure to be more practical about the features that serve better and economical to develop as well.
· Choose a skilled developer who has good expertise in developing these kinds of apps and who is knowledgeable enough to understand the requirements.
· Run alpha and beta tests and check for the app’s performance and bugs and correct them if required. If everything is satisfactory then launch the app in the market.

<b>Let us look at some of the features included in uber for mover’s app development</b>
<b>User Panel</b>
• Sign Up/Login
• Request for Survey
• Get Notifications
• Payment through the system
• View Order History
• View/Edit Profile
• Set Pickup & Drop Off Location
• Send Request
• Track Drivers
• Reviews & Ratings to Drivers
<b>Service provider Panel</b>
• Sign up/ Login
• Accept and Cancel Order
• Rate and Review Customer
• Receive Payments
• Accept/reject Task Assigned By Admin
• View & Edit Profile
• View Order History
• Change Availability
• Check Daily & weekly Earning
<b>Admin Panel</b>
• Dashboard Management
• Manage Drivers
• Add/Edit/Remove/Block Drivers
• Manage Earnings & Commissions
• Vehicle Management
• Manage Customers
• Accept/Reject Survey Requests
• Report generation & Weekly Statement
• Assign Task to concerned staff
<b>Summing up</b>
uber found the demand for movers and packers apps and jumped into the business immediately. It is still on-demand and so it is essential to invest in the on-demand movers and packers app and acquire many customers, recognition, popularity, and revenue.

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