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Elden Ring Invader Uses Host's Attack Against Them

Submitted by xhy082801 on Wed, 03/22/2023 - 19:12

When a number uses that one attack during an Elden Ring Runes Invasion, the invader takes the opportunity to use it for their advantage and defeat them

An Elden Ring invader defeats the host they're fighting by cleverly with the host's attack against them. When it comes to Elden Ring's PvP, combat could be a lot more versatile, where players think way away from the box about pursuing the host and finding methods to take them down. Most players prefer to just run in the host and drive them on entire combat, although some players prefer to instead be considered a bit more clever regarding their approach, like when one player set up an ambush in Elden Ring's Lake of Rot.

In Elden Ring, there are lots of magic spells the player may use, but there's a special kind referred to as Dragon Communion Incantations. These are spells that may be obtained by killing dragons throughout The Lands Between and do not require Runes to buy, but Dragon Hearts, obtained by also taking down dragons. There are 14 hanging around, plus they cover a multitude of different damage, like fire damage and flintstone damage. There's even a particular incantation referred to as Rotten Breath, which spews out scarlet rot, developing a plume from the deadly status effect.

While Rotten Breath is dangerous to encounter, it had been also the undoing for one set of players during an Elden Ring PvP Invasion. Posting to r/Eldenring, user swags uploaded a relevant video of them invading a few players in PVP. The fight happened in one of the game's many dungeons, so there's a very tight stairway the invader is applying as a kind of protection, however, it doesn't work mostly because of one player's attacks. However, that changes once the other host uses Rotten Breath, spewing the vile smoke out and throughout the entire area.

That's once the invader pulls out one from the Fire Giant Incantations called Giantsflame Take Thee and throws it. Among the smoke from the Rotten Breath, the bars of both hosts visit 0 immediately, earning the invader a double kill, almost as satisfying as when one Elden Ring invader got three players with one attack. In the comments, many commend them for their clever thinking in utilizing a number attack against them.

Elden Ring's PvP invasions will always be an interesting method to see how players think throughout the heat of battle when rising against other players. While some of Elden Ring's PvP fights could be won by having a perfectly timed parry, others may need something more clever. In this case, one invader's quick thinking earned them a simple victory. Always be sure to consider carefully what attacks are used, because they may be used by the one who cast them.

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