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EA may be the publisher of games for example Battlefield

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Electronic Arts' Shift To Digital Makes It A Great Buy As A New Battlefield NearsElectronic Arts' (NASDAQ:EA) stock continues to be on the tear over a year ago, up over 90% YTD. Does Old School RS Gold this mean Electronic Arts, also called EA, arrives for any pullback or perhaps is there more room with this gaming giant to operate.

 EA may be the publisher of games for example Battlefield, FIFA, and The Sims.By focusing heavily on digital revenue, EA continues to be in a position to experience strong operating income growth. EA's digital sales carry higher margins than its prepackaged, hard copy sales. All numbers make reference to nonGAAP revenue, margins, and earnings.

Source: EA Earnings PresentationIf you break that down to digital revenue like a area of total revenue, it might seem like this.Percent Of Digital Revenue (NonGAAP) Versus Total Sales For Each Fiscal YearFY11FY12FY13FY14FY15E21.76%29.31%43.84%44.59%53.29%As EA grew its digital revenue both in absolute and like a percent of total revenue terms, its margins significantly expanded (nonGAAP).