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Dream Houses in France - 10 Stars and Their French Properties

We regularly look to VIPs to perceive what wonderful homes and properties they own. There are many, yet we will be investigating 10 stars and their homes in France. First on the rundown are as a matter of fact Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Their southern France home was purchased for 40-50 million euros and has more than 1,000 sections of land of property, 35 rooms, 20 wellsprings, and reservoir conduits. This is just the start, no uncertainty. Next on our rundown are David and Victoria Beckham. They have U.S. property as well, however they do claim "Domaine of St. Vincent" in France. The homes of these 3 big names are breathtaking, however there are 7 more to go, so allow us to proceed onward.

Johnny Depp is following up with his southern France home, where he says he in some cases doesn't leave the property for a very long time! Celebrated French artist Vanessa Paradis likewise makes the most of her French property. Bono from world celebrated gathering U2 possesses an eminent home on the French Riviera. The homes claimed by these big names are no conventional houses in France, however ordinarily are utilized as an approach to acquire some security and serenity among the delightful French land.

Bill Gates, Microsoft Tycoon, possesses a property in southern France off the more eastern coastline. It is said that he paid in abundance of € 60 million for the property. It is situated in the slopes past the Beaulieu and Villefranche. Ivana Trump is another hot shot who lives in France. She bought a 100 year old home in St. Tropez and is truly appreciating a casual way of life there. Joan Collins likewise claims a home in the St-Tropez region, where she goes through around 4 months a year unwinding by the pool and perusing. The last of these 10 houses in France possessed by big names is claimed by Ken Hom.

Ken Hom claims 2 houses in France, one of which he is selling since he will move. One of them is a level in Paris, however the home he is selling was an old post pinnacle during the Hundred Years' War, and changed over with uncommon work into a home later. He is selling it with no guarantees, incorporating all that is in the home. This even incorporates an intensely customized and top of the line kitchen. This is really an awesome area and home for any individual who can bear the cost of it.
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