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Diablo 2 Resurrected: 10 Best Runewords

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Runewords in Diablo 2 constitute many of the strongest components of the game. This list has best wishes and ones worth making.
Collecting Runes and crafting Runewords are some of the most fascinating parts of the loot system in Diablo 2. With choices for every class, mercenary, and level range, Runewords are not only seen as fun to create, but they're vital. As soon as you start finding runes, you need to look to create some of those Runewords.
Rather compared to the most powerful Runewords, the entries below contain the most valuable options. These items vary in rarity and could be good for early, mid, or late-game. Although Last Wish and Phoenix are wonderful Runewords, their rarity outweighs their usefulness in this list.
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10. Duress
Physical damage dealers around the Nightmare Difficulty could be wise to create a Duress. This 3-socket Runeword provides you with Faster Hit Recovery, Enhanced Damage, and Cold Damage. In addition to that, you receive Crushing Blow, Open Wounds, massive Defense, and All Res.
Amazons and Barbarians are particularly strong having a Duress and all sorts of mercs beyond Act 3 may use it like a hand-me-down. Duress is recognized as a mid-to-low-tier Runeword, using Shael, Um, & Thul. The Shael and Thul you need to be able to find easily enough, the Um will need to come from your Hell Hellforge or through pure luck.
9. Rhyme
Rhyme is an early game Runeword that may be useful for an essential part of the sport. In a 2-open-socket shield, investing in a Shael & Eth will grant you strong benefits. Some of the highlights include +25 to All Resistances, Regenerate Mana 15%, 25% Magic Find, and Cannot Be Frozen.
While other stats are welcomed making the item stronger, the resistances and thawing are extremely powerful. Rhyme is worth making because it requires low runes and may be equipped on the Level 29 character.
8. Smoke
As you progress into Nightmare and Hell, your Resistances could keep taking hits. While you’re leveling up and searching for better gear, Smoke is a convenient method to keep your Resistances high. With +50 to All Res and 20% Faster Hit Recovery, Smoke will keep you sturdy before the late game.
If you’re having resistance issues heading into the final stages of the sport, a Smoke could help out. If it only had +1 or 2 to Skills, this could be one of the best armors in the sport.
7. Lore
With +1 Skills, +10 Energy, and +2 Mana After Kill, Lore is fantastic on casters. Sorceresses, Elemental Druids, and Hammerdins are probably the classes who make one the moment they can. Lore also comes with Lightning Res, and Damage Reduction, along with a very accessible Level 27 requirement.
Runewords are extremely rarely strong on all characters, but Lore may be the exception that defies the standard. While Lore is particularly good on casters, it may still be much better than any other helm you’ll manage to find in the early game.
6. Stealth
In 2-socket body armor, the reduced runes Tal & Eth could make one from the best pieces for that early game. Easily found from Normal Countess or simply throughout your trip, Tal & Eth is free. If you can get a 2-os Breastplate like a base, your Stealth armor lasts through Nightmare.
By the time you find a better armor than Stealth, you’ll have previously forgotten it's still equipped. The 25% Faster Run/Walk and Faster Hit Recovery are going to be missed after they’re gone and also the 25% Faster Cast Rate is amazing for casters.
5. Insight
Every class needs mana plus some builds are reliant on the steady incoming stream from it. With the Meditation Aura from Insight, you can regenerate mana passively and quickly. Best crafted inside a Polearm or Bow, Insight is one of the best weapons you can give your Act 1 or Act 2 mercenary.
Insight uses the reduced runes Ral, Tir, Tal, & Sol, which are easily farmable in the Normal Countess. Not only is it accessible, but Insight can also be strong enough to become any class' merc weapon for that entire game.
4. Spirit
Spirit is a caster's dream to become a reality, an item that you could make early in the sport, and it'll last before the very end. Spirit grants +2 to All Skills, +25-35% Faster Cast Rate, and +89-112 mana, which is all very valuable to the caster classes.
Many caster classes use a Crystal Sword in the early game and give a 2nd Spirit once they can meet the high requirements of the Monarch Shield. Paladins may use their class-specific shields to create their 2nd Spirit much faster.
3. Fortitude
One of the best body armor in the sport is the Runeword - Fortitude. By adding +300% Enhanced Damage, +200% Defense, and +25-30 All Res, Fortitude is both beefy and powerful. Along with several other beneficial stats, Fortitude is strong due to how well-rounded it's.
Some class builds like Frenzy Barb and Smiter Pali are fantastic candidates to put on a Fortitude. But, it shines the brightest with an Act 2 mercenary. With Fortitude in your merc, not only will it die much less often, but, it will help you more using the damage too.
2. Call To Arms
Call to Arms is one of the strongest components of the game due to its versatility. Able to hide away in your 2nd group of weapons - CTA could be swapped to and used, then swapped away. It allows the consumer to cast Battle Orders and Battle Command, both of that are powerful spells that are normally only seen on the Barbarian.
Although it requires expensive runes to construct, no character reaches its peak until they've one. Particularly if you intend to play a few different classes, Call To Arms is a perfect utilization of your runes to create a versatile item.
1. Enigma
Enigma, like Call to Arms, is pricey but worth it. With +2 to All Skills, +45% Faster Run/Walk, and massive increases for your survivability, Enigma is an incredibly strong body armor. Its true power, however, is based on its ability to grant any class +1 To Teleport.
With an Enigma, any class can Teleport around the battlefield, becoming as mobile as a Sorceress. Hammerdins, Amazons, and Barbarians aren't burdened using the mundane task of walking. If you receive an Enigma, you can farm back whatever resources it set you back with ease.