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Custom NBR Molding Trim

Custom NBR Molding Trim
Product NameVinyl Wall Baseboard Moulding Trim
Product ModelYT358-Grey
Product feature
銆怓LEXIBLE & DURABLE銆慣his self adhesive baseboard trim is made of NBR foam material, which has better resilience and flexibility. Long-term use will not fade or deform, the surface is smooth, and can be cleaned with a wet towel. Waterproof and dust-proof, Gray rubber Wall Moulding Trim can be used both as home decoration and as edge protection.
銆怤ew Material銆慣his rubber peel and stick wall baseboard trim is an environmental material, waterproof, dust proof, oil-proof, moisture proof and anti-corrosion. Soft foam protect people from Injuring by accidentally hitting corner or edge of wall.
銆怑asy to replace銆?Before tearing off the foam, please soften it by hair dryer and it won鈥檛 damage the wall.
Step 1:Clean and dry the wall surface
Step 2:Measure and cut the required length聽
Step3:peel off the adhesive backing and stick to the smooth surface聽
Step4:press it tightly in several seconds
The molding baseboard is not only a good product to protect the corner and the edge of the wall but also a nice decoration. It applies to tiles, plastic, metal, glass, wood, smooth wall. bathroom, dining room, bedroom, renovation of old house, newly renovated house, Cafes, bars, nightclubs, various public and private venues.
Note: Before installation, be sure to clean the surface to be adhered. You can use a hair dryer to preheat the back glue for the best effect. If you want to replace decorative strip you can also use a hair dryer to soften the wall trim molding. This way will not damage the surface.Custom NBR Molding Trim