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CS:GO of domestic profession exceeds class

Submitted by CSGOSK on Sun, 06/26/2016 - 17:52

On March 24 (this Zhou Si) , first CS:GO of domesticO profession exceeds class league matches (CSL) will begin solely to be attacked continuously in tiger tooth direct seeding. 128 come from the team of Buy CSGO Skins countrywide each district, among them group of battle of 8 home top class occupation,

enlist the seminal band that regards each as the group the match, as other as small inter block 15 battle group contends for only quota of people giving a clue jointly. Group of battle of EDG of tiger tooth direct seeding will be powerful join and at the match the 3rd day (on March 26) appear.

A few days ago, battle group is detailed in group the circumstance has been announced. Nod this to enter direct seeding page to watch the match to pursue: CSGO battle group announced start shooting of this Zhou Si general to begin a few days ago in group battle leg arrangement announced first CSGO to exceed class league matches to Buy CS GO Skins be cent 8 strong competition a few days ago,